Food The House at Bridge of Lochay

Self Catering

We have ourselves enjoyed many self catering holidays with friends and family and know from experience the work involved in trying to remember everything and bring every item of food and drink that you might need for your stay.

This is why we try and make it as easy for you as possible. We provide a supply of cleaning materials, kitchen roll, tin foil and cling film, cooking oils and a selection of spices etc. We also have a supply of teas and instant coffee. There is a bean to cup and filter coffee machines - just bring whole or ground beans should you wish to use these.

Imagine just having to pack your bags, without the need for everything else - secure in the knowledge that it will all be waiting for you to arrive?

Which is why our modern and well equipped kitchen has all you need to cater for your group.

Currently Asda and Sainsbury's offer an online delivery service to the area. You can arrange an online shop to be delivered after 4pm on the day of your arrival. As an additional service, you may wish to consider arranging an earlier delivery slot that day which we would receive on your behalf and put all the groceries away for you allowing you to arrive and your food and drinks are all chilled and ready to use. If you would like us to quote for this service please let us know.

We also have an extensive range reasonably priced wines, spirits and soft drinks which we can have ready in the bar for your arrival. Just let us know if this is of interest and we will provide the list for you.

Home Cooked Meals just for you to reheat - We are also able to offer a range of dishes which are home prepared just for your group and left in the Fridge ready for you to simply reheat and serve. If this is of interest to you just let us know when you enquire.

There is a good size Co-operative grocery store in Killin.

In House Catering

Should you wish someone to cater for your group we can recommend a selection of excellent Chef's and Cooks who we know personally. Just let us know if you would like this list when booking.

Whether you would like someone to just cook one meal or cater for all your meals this can be arranged. Our Morningside Dining room is also ideally suited to a Buffet style meal.

Before we make recommendations we prefer to discuss with you the kind of experience you are looking for. It's a very personal thing and one which we have a good deal of experience in and we're happy to share our experience with you to ensure that your stay in our House at Bridge of Lochay is simply the best!

Bar Service

There is a small bar area in the Games Room. You can stock this yourselves of course, or if you would like we can provide a quote to do this for you with your drinks and mixers of choice. Just ask for our list. If you would like someone on hand at specific times to help with service let us know and we can quote accordingly.


Best room rates are always available by booking direct with us.